USS SARGO (SSN 583) Association


A little bit about the Association:

        "A couple of the plank owners of the 583 on the east coast got together just after the boat was decommissioned and got the Association going. We held our first reunion in 1990 in Vallejo and discovered at that time that we were in almost direct conflict with the Nautilus group. Since almost half of our original engineering gang were from Nautilus we decided to alternate years with them. So we had another meeting in 1991, again in Vallejo, and then in 1993 in St. Augustine, FL. We had a wonderful reunion in New Orleans in September '95, at SubBase Bangor in '97, and Williamsburg, VA in '99. At our 'business meetings' we have decided that we:

       would not incorporate
       would not have any sort of constitution or bylaws
       would not bind ourselves with any rules of order
       would not have any elected officers, Just one volunteer to handle the records - me.

        "Most of the group are from the 583 commissioning crew but we are slowly adding follow-on shipmates. We would like to add as many as we can reach - all who ever served on Sargo. Currently we have over 120 members. At the SubVets convention in Portland, OR in August '96 we even established contact with a group from the original Sargo - SS188 and now have two added to our group.

        "We do ask for a one time dues donation $20 to cover postage and printing of the infrequent newsletters. Failure to contribute will not drop you from the list. The only way to do that is to ask.

        "Welcome to the group - all of the reunions so far have been much more fun that I had expected.

//F.A. Munroe//
Secretary (by default)"

The one-time dues donation has since been raised to $25

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David Kirsten